Posted by: Matt and Jenna | April 19, 2011

Two Years Old!

Sweet Eli,

You are such a joy and so much fun to be around!  There is so much of you that can’t be described in words on a page, but I’ll do my best!

You are still mister social and speak to almost everyone we pass.  You love your home.  You say, “Bye home” every time we leave.  You love going to church!  When we start talking about going to church and playing with your friends, you always put your hand in the air like you’re worshiping.  I love that you not only equate church to playing with your friends, but you also think of worshiping our Savior!

You are downright obsessed with keys, boats, trucks, and trains.  That’s all there is to it!

You are so easy right now, other than the occasional quick tantrum.  You usually test us with a mini tantrum, but as soon as you realize that it’s not going to get you what you want, you snap out of it in a matter of seconds.  We have only experienced one true meltdown, and it was because you didn’t want to get your shoes on before we left the house when it was 25 degrees outside.  I’m thrilled we’ve only had one of those, because it was quite trying!  You are such a joy and adjust so easily to whatever we’re doing.  We have lived in four different places over the last four months, and you have been such a rockstar through that whole process!  We felt terrible dragging you all over the place, but you acted like you didn’t mind at all!  You love helping, which includes bringing me things, sweeping, fussing at Kelsey, washing dishes, etc.  Although you’re usually making a bigger mess for me to clean up, I love seeing that you have such a servant’s heart!

What you’ve learned…
I can’t keep up anymore!  I have attempted a list of words below, but I just can’t remember all that you say.  You have just hit the benchmark of at least attempting to say whatever we tell you to say.  There are usually a couple of new words that come out of your mouth each day.  You often combine 3-5 words to communicate what you’re trying to say.  This is such a fun time!  We just love watching you learn!  You are also starting to attempt to count, which is so cute!

Signs: please, thank you, sorry, milk, pet, eat, more, run, passy, dip

Says: Momma/Mommy, Dada, Kelsey (tee tee), Eli (yaya), Pops, Nana, Meme, Poppy, Poppa, Mum, Jake, jeep, bye bye, pup, choo choo, truck, tractor, boat, keys, go, no (naaaaw), yes (da), beep, cat, dog, hat, ball, bath, shoes, block, box, fish, eat, outside (ahhhh), up, cheese, hey, baby (bebe), off, on, night night, boot, almond, open, home, stick, moon (mune), mint (meent), Matt, treat, fry, juice, blue, bird, puppy, burp (???), poop (lovely, I know!), snack, shoes, socks, bike, Mum, lake (yike), work (yurk), tree, two, three, nine, happy, Santa (ho ho), horse/cow (grunts for this one, which is so strange.), cat, oats, banana, ducks, nap

There are so many more, but this is all I can think of at the moment!

You love singing happy birthday to people, including Ho Ho.  This one really makes me laugh!  I always suggest singing to Jesus rather than Santa, but apparently singing happy birthday to Santa is more fun for a two year old.  You are incredibly intuitive and can solve any problem that comes your way.  Many people comment on your ability in this area.  It’s usually a comment about you being “capable and wise beyond your years.”

What you eat…
This has become a little tricky, as the homeopathic doctor who is now treating you put you and I both on a gluten free, casein free diet.  That means no wheat and no dairy.  Ugh!  You have been such a champ about this, though.  You’ve adjusted well to rice milk, gluten free bread, and vegan cheese.  mmm.  You and I typically have old fashioned oats with natural peanut butter for breakfast.  You LOVE anything (usually carrots or rice crackers) dipped in humus for a snack.  You actually love any kind of dip.  I’m afraid I taught you that bad habit!  And for dinner you usually eat whatever we’re eating.  We have started eating lots of rice around here over the past couple of months.  Dinner is usually some sort of chicken, rice or sweet potatoes, and some veggies from our organic crop share box.  You love meents (mints), which is pretty hilarious!  You’re the only kid I know who wants to go to Chic-fil-a for the mints.  haha!

How you’ve grown…
Boy oh boy, you have really grown up on us!  You are growing and maturing so fast that we can’t keep up.  You weigh 31 pounds and are 37 inches tall.  Most people guess that you’re 3 years old.  You’re tall, slim, and as strong as an ox, just like your daddy.  You wear a pretty solid 2T, unless the pants are too short, a size 10 shoe, and you just went into a size 5 diaper.  You have been showing signs of being ready to potty train for months, but we have to get your tummy issues straightened out before we can be successful.  You still have your passy at night, but we are going to work on that when we return home after the holidays.  I’m really dreading this!

What our days are like…
Well, you never know!  We always wake up, have our oats, and I usually let you play on your own or watch an episode of Blue’s Clues while I get my day started.  When we’re usually out the door for a jog or a play date.  Once we return, it’s lunch and then nap time (usually 12:30-2:30ish).  When you wake up, you always want to know if Dada is home from work.  I break the news that he’s not but he’ll be home soon.  Then we usually play with your trains, grocery cart, or go outside and play with your bike.  You and I both love to be on the go, so we’re out and about a lot, but we both love coming home to our cozy pj’s and familiar stuff.  Every day is an adventure!  For example, as I was preparing a meal for another family one evening last week, you were quietly playing in the living room, which is connected to the kitchen and not even five feet away.  I thought you were playing with your trains down on the floor, but when I peaked around the island to check in on you after about 2 1/2 minutes, your head was covered in an entire jar of Vaseline!  I mean, your whole head was white!  When I held you in front of the mirror, you grinned from ear to ear.  You were so proud and said it was like Dada’s!  hahahaha!  I’m sure Dada was insulted, but you thought you were just using a little hair goo like Dad.  I couldn’t be mad at you, because you were just so darn proud, and not to mention cute!  That was actually three days ago, and your hair still looks matted and greasy.  Oh, what fun our days are!

Sweet boy, you are just the light of our lives!  Everything is more fun with you.  We just can’t get enough of our Eli!

All My Love,


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