Posted by: Matt and Jenna | April 19, 2011

18 Month Letter


Oh my goodness.  I have no idea how to put the change that has taken place over the past 6 months into words!  You have gone from a baby to a little boy!  If you look at our blog or my journaling from the last 6 months, you will see that you are keeping me quite busy!  The faster you get, the less time I have to write about it!

You are absolutely hilarious!  Your sense of humor is so evident through your funny little antics around the house to the way you interact with strangers.  You seem to have become quite the ladies’ man, as you always search out a cute, older girl to plant a big wet one on wherever we are.  They usually don’t mind, until they realize that your hug that starts out soft and gentle is turning into the never-ending bear hug!  You love hugging other kids in general.  The other child usually responds by crying because you don’t let go until the two of you are on the ground and I come pry your arms out from around him or her!  I love that you are so intent on being affectionate, but I have to admit that it can be quite embarrassing!  You are just the friendliest little thing with anyone and everyone.  You flag random strangers down by waving and saying “Hiiiii, hiiii!” in the sweetest, southern voice I’ve ever heard.  I’m not sure where you picked up that accent!  Whenever we interact with anyone from a waitress to the guy bagging our groceries, you wave, say hi, and then sign “Thank you” over and over until they acknowledge what you’re saying (Or they think you’re blowing them a kiss!).  I love that you have such great manners!

You are so incredibly observant!  Most people who interact with you comment on how observant you are and how you don’t miss a thing.  You really love interacting with other kids, whether it’s kids you know in the nursery or strangers on the playground.  You are super outgoing, unless someone approaches you with boldness.  Then you cuddle into my neck and turn your head away.  I love that you’re outgoing, but I also love when you cling to me and don’t want anyone else!  You’re doing much better about being left in the nursery.  You went through a phase of screaming and crying every time we left you and even crying for awhile after we were gone.  Now you might fuss a little, but we’re told that you always settle in and play a few minutes after we leave.  You’re just so darn adorable, whether you’re crying for us or boldly playing with a group of strangers.  I could just squeeze you to pieces!

What you LOVE to eat…
Love dip, yogurt, grilled cheese, noodles, chic-fil-a

How you’ve grown…
You were 35.5 inches tall and weighed in at 28 lbs. at your 18 month well visit.  You’re pretty much consistently wearing 18-24 months clothing, a size 8/9 shoe, and size 4 diapers.

What our days are like…
Our days have been crazy due to the horrific bout with Serum Sickness.  I don’t even know how to describe how insane and terrible that was for all of us.  Your dada and I wanted to take the pain for you so badly.  Once you were all better, it was back to being outside around the clock!  You and I go to the pool twice a day almost every day!  You’re quite the little fish!

How we love you…
You make your Daddy and I happier than we could have ever imagined being.  You’re more precious than words!  We love you with all of our hearts!


PS – These photos were taken around 19 months.  All of the photos at 18 months were during the time you were sick, and they make our hearts ache.  I thought I would post these of a fun time we had at the park after Jesus made you all better!


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