Posted by: Matt and Jenna | May 15, 2010

I’ve Done it Again

I. am. so sorry.

I’ve left you hanging again!  What can I say???  It’s wedding season, which means our life is full to the brim of fabulous couples, fun parties, and lots o’ images to process.  On top of that, Eli was put on amoxicillin two weeks ago for his first little ear infection, which resulted in a crazy reaction that was o so ugly.  Serum sickness, to be exact.  Look it up.  The scary thing is when I did a google image search, what I saw on my sweet baby was much worse than anything that popped up.  Now THAT scared me!  He broke out in itchy hives, swelled immensely from head to toe, and his joints were extremely swollen and painful.  I have to say that this experience has been the scariest of my life.  I wanted to trade places with Eli so bad I couldn’t stand it.  I could hardly even get up the courage to look at him.  I practically held him for two days straight in order to comfort him and prevent me from seeing him.  It was horrifying.  But… I don’t want to dwell on the horror.  We serve a mighty God!  After 4 trips to the pediatrician, 2 trips to the MUSC Children’s Hospital, a few panicked phone calls to our good friend Dr. Hand, a week’s worth of steroids, benedryl, and ibuprofin, and prayer from family and friends around the country, our boy is healthy!  We seriously felt all of the prayers that were sent up on our behalf.  I have a feeling that if you are reading this, you were praying for little E.  There’s nothing like family and friends holding you up when you can’t stand on your own.  Matt and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

While Eli is healthy and doing really well, he is still struggling with itching and having random breakouts of hives.  Please pray that this sickness would continue to work its way out of his system.  We really believe that the Lord is healing him from the inside out!

We did document each day with pictures for future reference, but they aren’t pleasant and we really want to focus on our healthy boy rather than the evidence of the attack that we feel was straight from the enemy.

All that to say — Things are busy.  We’re navigating new territory with Eli, photography, and balancing life with each day that passes.  And most of all, we’re just plain BUSY!  I’m going to attempt to do minor blogs every few days rather than writing a novel every 5 weeks.  I also need to catch you up on pictures from the happy events of the Daniel family over the last 5 weeks!  So we’ll just focus on that for now.  Enjoy!

Pumped for his first swim lesson!

Looking studly.
Aunt Haley comes to Charleston. Woo hoo!

Loving all of the space to run at Middleton Plantation.

Lovin' mommy.

I'm one lucky duck.

Waiting on the Easter egg hunt to start. Good times!

Finding eggs with Daddy. Oops, that one wasn't boiled long enough! Mmm.

Hi mom!

One healthy, happy boy!

Darn it, I love you, E!

Love. of. my. life.

Mommy, Eli, and Mia (who E is calling "mehhh")

Egg hunt on Daniel Island with Mia.

Loving time outside with his Mia!



  1. Great Pics! Glad you guys are doing well!

  2. Happy, healthy Eli makes my heart SMILE! So happy he is doing SO much better and continued prayers his way!

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