Posted by: Matt and Jenna | March 8, 2010

Cupcakes & Mommy Thoughts

The day before Valentine’s I thought it would be fun to introduce Eli to baking.  Nothing fancy.  Just good ol’ strawberry cake mix from a box.  We did get sorta crafty by dying the frosting pink.  ha!  Anyway… I don’t know how I thought my sweet little fifteen month old would be able to help.  I guess I envisioned me doing each step as I explained them to Eli, who would be sitting quietly in his booster seat.  Riiiight.  As I pulled out the ingredients he was already itching to use his busy little hands.  He wanted to hold the bowl, crack the eggs (probably on the floor), etc.  Right then and there I had a decision to make.  I envisioned the disaster I would have to clean up if I really let him help.  I had been cleaning all day and really didn’t want ANOTHER mess to clean up.  Then I thought of the smile I would more than likely see on my little boy’s face with the dripping spatula in his hand.  What are my priorities here?  Is this whole mom thing about doing what’s convenient?  Or is it about showing my son what life is all about?  I was really convicted on the spot about how many times I choose the cleaner, most convenient option.  So we proceeded.  Eli mixed and ate (before the eggs, of course) while I watched and smiled, interspersed with an occasional cringe at a blob flying across the room.  The consensus is that E loves batter as much as his mommy!



  1. I love coming home and seeing pictures like these…pictures that depict the awesome (and fun!) day my family had!

    Love you two!

  2. You are one cool (and brave!) mom.

  3. The kid is HUGE!! I am noticing some shoulder definition in this last picture…J – has he been doing Insanity with you??!!

    Wish I could give him a big fat strawberry kiss on the cheek!

  4. that’s awesome! I love it!!! Sometimes I fail to think that they’re beginning to be able to partake in fun things, not just be little babies. i’m gonna have to start letting hannah do stuff that zeke gets to do and remember to let her try things that seem like she’s too young for =)

  5. haha I love these Jenna! 🙂 Such a great ‘real moment’. By the way– was there any batter left for an actual cake or did E just eat it all? 😉

  6. Jenna! I love these pictures of him. Those pictures have BOY written all over them. They are all great pictures, but I absolutely love the last one. Especially where is hair looks like it is sticking up….probably styled with cupcake batter!!

  7. So I’m a little behind – but I love this! And I am a firm believer in letting them try – What a great way to explore and learn!

    Way to go mommy! but now I’m craving strawberries…

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