Posted by: Matt and Jenna | January 21, 2010

growing up fast

Hey!  Matt here – Long time no chat!  We need to combine our blogs.  I spend most of my time at the MDP Blog and after I get done editing, uploading, and posting there I’m usually spent and have neglected my family enough.  Thus, this blog get’s ignored.  But I digress…

2010 is off and running!  And so is Eli!  He’s been running for the past 5(ish) months now and has turned into such a little boy.  I love the time we have together and I’m super excited for the spring – beach, pool, park…it’ll all be awesome!  Here are a few highlights from what’s going on these days…

  • Eli says ‘ish’ whenever he wants a snack.  It started as him asking for Goldfish – get it… “ish” – but has turned into snacks in general.  Whatever…it’s cute.
  • He barks whenever he sees a dog.  Love it.
  • He gives Mom kisses, but not Dad.  I guess that’s appropriate.
  • Homeboy loves pizza.
  • He had his first ‘serious’ fall a couple weeks ago in Alpharetta – as you’ll notice below.  Nothing serious, but we did have to get it glued.
  • Has the best Mom ever…or at least I think so!  🙂

Aight…there are tons more…but there’s a quick list!  On to the pictures…

Yeah...he can now open doors...geez.

The gold.

Lovin' the slide!




  1. Thank you, Matt, for the update and new pictures! Eli, you are the CUTEST ever!! I am sorry about your “boo-boo” sending a lil’ kiss and big hug to you. I will have to have to get you some goldf-‘ish!’ 🙂 XO

  2. Oh boy he is cute! How tall is he now? Can’t believe he can actually reach and turn the door handle.

  3. Great pics, Matt! Love the blue plaid as well. Catch up soon… bd

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