Posted by: Matt and Jenna | January 7, 2010

Prayers Needed

Hi friends and family,

I rarely post asking you for anything.  Well, today I am.  Matt and I have been “following” (as said in the blog world) a photographer in Hawaii for quite sometime.  When I happened across Natalie’s blog yesterday for the first time in awhile, I saw that something was wrong.  Her 8 week old son (her fourth son, mind you), Gavin, is fighting for his life.  In short, he has Pertussis.  The Nortons have been told that Gavin’s case is so rare and sever that there is no hope for survival.  [Enter Jesus Christ]  Thankfully Natalie and her husband believe in the healing power of the God of the Universe!  They have hope not only for survival, but for full recovery.  She asked her blog friends to spread the word to people who would join them in praying for a miracle.  So please, friends and family, pray for Gavin!

You can read his story here.

Photo by Natalie Norton


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