Posted by: Matt and Jenna | December 9, 2009

Party Vendors + Lots O’ Pictures

Wow.  Busy has a whole new meaning in our house as we prepare for Christmas and continue to work hard growing our photography business, all while chasing after our fantastic 1 YEAR OLD who is just loads of fun and learning new things every day!  All that to say… I’ve been meaning to post this for days but haven’t found the time to get to it!

I worked with several amazing women to design all of the little details that made Eli’s birthday party so special.  I whole heartedly recommend all of them.  Even if you aren’t planning a party, you should check out their work for future needs or pass their info along to someone who needs them now!

D’lish Discriminating Desserts (Eli’s smash cake)
Molly is absolutely fabulous – – – young, fresh, and amazing at what she does!  I described a vision for her, passed along the cupcake topper designs, and told her to use her imagination.  I actually ordered two identical cakes–one was used for the party, and the other was used for a “Smash Cake Shoot” on E’s actual birthday.  (Stay tuned for pics from that.  We’ll be offering this type of shoot to clients in the very near future!)  I couldn’t have been happier with Molly’s design and the final product!

Seven Cupcakes (cupcake toppers, banner, and stickers)
Allie is super talented, and her products can really create a unique feel for an event.  One of her base designs was the original inspiration for Eli’s whole party.  Then we worked together to customize everything and perfect each design.  She does really great work!

queen b boutique (E’s bib)
Breen has been a friend of mine since high school!  When I found out about queen b, I knew I’d have to do some “business” with her!  For Eli’s bib, I just showed her a picture and described in detail what I wanted.  Breen found the perfect fabric and took it from there!  Since I tend to dream up unrealistic expectations, I honestly wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out.  It’s not that I didn’t have faith in Breen–it’s more about me designing something in my head that just isn’t realistic.  But I have to say that queen b completely exceeded my expectations!   I’ve also had some baby gifts made that turned out fantastic as well!

And last but definitely not least, my mom helped with pretty much everything!  She made many trips to Hobby Lobby (Charleston is clearly out of the loop and doesn’t know what they’re missing out on by not having one!), searched ideas on-line for hours, and helped me sift through my crazy ideas.  So thank you, Mom, for all you did to help make Eli’s party so memorable!  I love you!

And because a post without pictures just isn’t my style, here are some shots of our great friends and family that came to play and celebrate Eli!  Sidenote–I’m pretty sure several of our family members were hiding from the camera, so we’ll have to make up for it over Christmas!

Just a picture I love of Eli with his Daddy

Just a picture I love of Eli with his Daddy

Matt's bro Blake and his wife Erin, who was an enormous help the day of the party!

Matt's brother Blake and his wife Erin, who was an enormous help the day of the party!

Eli and Matt's dad, Pops.

Eli and Pops (Matt's dad)

Me, Nana (my mom's mom), E, Angel (my mom's sister), and my mom

Me, Nana (my mom's mom), E, Angel (my mom's sister), my mom

My great friend Jen who took all of the pics during the smash cake, her husband David, and their little guy James


Eli and Mia (my mom)

My cousin Skyler. Cheeeeese.

My cousin, Landan. Does he have the greatest hair?

My cousin, Sierra, who loooooves Eli!

My friend Bonnie, her husband Joe, and their cutie Nicholas.

Nicholas. Check out those eyes!

William, who I nannied for when he was a new born.

My baby brother Zach and his girlfriend Jenna. Yes, we have the same name, but I'll tolerate it because she's so great!

Dugger--his parents taught our last parenting class and have become great friends!

Megan and Emily Reese. You may remember seeing pictures on our photog blog of a beautiful, tiny baby girl in a huge hand. That was Emmie Reese 3 months ago!

Matt's good buddy, Drew. I'm determined that he's going to marry one of my friends because he's such an awesome guy!

Showing Poppa (my dad) and Uncle Zach who's boss.

Showing Poppa (my dad) and Uncle Zach who's boss.

Opening some awesome presents!

Enjoying his new wagon from Mia and Poppa!



  1. I loved every minute of the searching & planning to make Eli’s 1st Birthday so special. Jenna & I love working on a special project like this together. It brought back memories of planning & shopping for the perfect dorm room, wedding, nursery, ect. Just fun mother-daughter projects! We will treasure our memories of Eli’s birthday.

  2. Love, love the pictures and thanks for all the vendor reviews! So sad I couldn’t make it! You and your mom did an amazing job (based on all of the pictures)! Hope he had an extra special day!!

  3. Jenna- Your talents are many…! Thanks for sharing all the sweet party pictures. (I need one of
    Eli and Mia 🙂 so precious!) Always, brings a smile my way to come pay a “visit” with The Daniel Family – The Early Years. Y’all need to write a book! It would be beautiful…!!

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