Posted by: Matt and Jenna | November 4, 2009

Any Old Morning

Jenna here.  That means lots of words! 🙂
Well, it’s a semi-cool morning here in Chucktown, and Eli and I are just doin’ our thing.  I often have friends, family, and clients ask what we do all day, so I thought I would do a little “Day in the life of Eli and Mom” post.
Our morning usually starts at 7 am, barring any wet clothing due to leakage, which results in a 5 am wake-up call.  Not cool!  (We’ll take care of that with a bigger diaper at night!)  Anyway, after E wakes up he has a 6 oz bottle, followed by breakfast about 30 minutes later.  During that 30 minutes I turn on the Morning Show and pour myself a cup of coffee as if I’m going to sit and enjoy both.  Ha!  Matt always laughs when he finds my full coffee cups throughout the house.  I guess at least pouring the coffee like I’m going to enjoy it gives me enough energy and satisfaction, even if I don’t get to drink it because I’m chasing our cute little munchkin all over the house!  After breakfast we play, take Kelsey for a walk, or go for a jog (usually one of the first two) until about 9:30.  Eli naps from 9:30ish-11.  While he naps I shower, edit, write MDP blog posts, respond to emails from brides, catch up with my mom on the phone, etc.  It always goes by too quickly!  At 11 E gets another 6 oz bottle, followed by lunch about 30 minutes later.  This is usually when we run any errands we have on our list.  Once we get home, Eli takes an afternoon nap from about 2-3:30.  This nap is followed by a 6 oz bottle and dinner about an hour later.  Matt gets home around 4, which is typically the most exciting part of our day!  Eli, Kelsey, and I often meet him in the driveway.  Everyone barks, growls, and wags (yes, all three of us)!  Matt and I try to take a few minutes to sit together and catch up while Eli wrestles Kelsey to the floor.  Then we all cook dinner together or I cook while Matt and E play.  After dinner we often go on a family stroll, in hopes of keeping Eli up a little later than 6:45, which is his preferred bedtime.  Then it’s on to our bedtime routine, which consists of Eli’s bath, an 8 oz bottle, medicine, and sometimes a book.  [sigh]  Matt and I try to designate our post-E part of the evening as either M & J nights or MDP nights.  So depending on our current work load, we either crash or crank out some work.  So for those of you who have asked, that’s a recap of a typical day around here!  I’m sure I lost most of you at the first 6 oz bottle, but thanks for humoring me if you’re still reading!
I hope you’re all having a happy morning!  I know I am.  I got a phone call asking me to look for something in the driveway that Matt “thought” he dropped, only to find a red Starbucks cup filled with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (Sidenote-The red cup is back!  I’ve always said that a red cup is good for the soul.  My sweet friend Katie even gave me an awesome red coffee cup that I use every morning.  Love it!).  Eli was napping, so you better believe I enjoyed every last drop!  Life is good.  🙂
Below are some pictures I took during our post breakfast playtime this morning.  Eli does lots of running around, dragging giant toys and ottomans, slamming things onto the tile floor, dumping blocks out, harassing Kelsey (Don’t worry.  She loves it and is extremely gentle and patient with him!), etc.  I thought you would like a peek into the action!

Mom, are you sure you don't want me to stand on top of this thing?


If I can just get this one foot up there...


Will you help me? Pretty please?


Crawling under Kelsey is a new interest. ???


Eli + cutting 3 teeth = lots o' drool


That's Kelsey's pillow that Eli is wallowing all over. mmm. Lovely.


Good times. At least he's not trying to give her a kiss this time!


Blocks seem to be boring, but an empty blocks bucket? That's what I'm talking about!


Mom, are you in there?


This smile always makes my day!



  1. Great job of capturing the typical day of Eli. So much fun! Looking forward to the week-end. Love the “baby legs” on Eli’s adorable baby legs.

  2. I loved reading about your day…I have that full coffee cup problem too, I just forget to drink it inbetween the nursings sessions!

  3. He is growing so fast and I love the leggings. They look good on boys too, I’ll have to get Cam some. Enjoyed reading a day in your life. Sounds oddly familiar only now I’m missing the two naps. Hanging on to the one as long as possible! You’re doing good, MOM!

  4. LOVED this post! It’s always interesting to hear what goes on in the day of the little people through each phase in life! I know he’ll be appreciative of you two capturing all of it!
    Mom – you’re so cool and stylish. Love the Leg warmers!
    Dad (or should I say husband) – What a sweet gesture!
    Love your family! 🙂

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE those Baby Leggs!! 🙂

  6. Loved the “Mom, are in there?” picture!! ~and,
    I can sure see how that smile would Always make your day, Jenna. ~and, these kind of days… they are the BEST of days! 🙂

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