Posted by: Matt and Jenna | October 21, 2009

Your Story


It’s hard to believe how fast time goes by sometimes.  In a couple days Eli will be 11 months old, and in a month he’ll be a year old.  That’s crazy.  We’ve been running around a lot recently and too often we forget to pause and take notice of how fast time is going by.  I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective recently – how important it is to view your days in the perspective of your story, His story.  After all, in the end, how do you want to your story to read?  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, forgetting the big picture.  I know I do it.  But in reality, as time goes by, those moments, while still meaningful, become less and less dramatic.  Andy Stanley puts it this way: “Regardless of what you’re going through now, and no matter how big or small it is, it will eventually become just a part of your story.”  So how do you want your moments to add up?

Live the story you want to tell.

. . .

Thanks for humoring me with the depth.  Perspective…living in light of how I want my/our story to read…is something I’ve been thinking about recently.  For more thoughts, check out Your Move: The Story of Your Life.

This weekend Jenna and I are escaping to the mountains for some hangout time.  I’m excited to be able to spend time with Jenna, to sit back, think about all that’s gone on and is going on, and simply smile at how blessed we are.  Being blessed…I don’t mean that everything’s perfect, because we have and have had our share of difficult moments and hard choices, but in the scheme of it all, in light of our “story”, we are blessed.  So I’m excited to go reflect on us for a few days, sip coffee in the early morning mountain fog, and possibly venture down some trails.  It should be fun!

– MD




  1. If this were facebook I’d hit the “like” button! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. What an awesome blog Matt!

  3. cute photos, yall are so talented 🙂

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