Posted by: Matt and Jenna | September 23, 2009

10 Months Old & a New Perspective on the World

Well people, this changes everything.  Eli is WALKING!  He’s been “stepping” for several weeks, but he really took off a couple of days ago.  He’s 10 months old today, and he just seems like such a big boy all of a sudden.  Tear… Smile… Tear…

This video will give you a little insight into what a few minutes in our house looks like.  Keep in mind that Kelsey is also usually in the middle of the chaos!  We put her away because she always gets between the camera and Eli.  Just watching this almost makes my head spin!  And I wonder why I’m so tired!

**Disclaimer – Please don’t judge our parenting ability or methods by Eli’s outfit.  His shorts fit fine and actually stayed on a couple of weeks ago!  I put them on him quickly today as we were heading out the door and then realized that the poor baby’s shorts were sagging lower than the teenage boy’s pants walking in front of us in Target!  These shorts will look much cuter in a couple of months when they actually fit, paired with an oxford shirt, sweater, and Converse!  I just had to throw that out there, because I know what you were thinking!  🙂



  1. OH MY GOODNESS! He is MOVING! Wow! Life will definitely never be the same! Enjoy it!

    Jenna – you’re too funny with the clothing comment, haha!

  2. WOO-HOO Eli!!! I love the fact that he keeps his arms up for balance checks…too cute!

  3. this is awesome! so proud of him.

  4. Oh….I love it! My Sweet Eli is so adorable walking & making his little growling sounds. I just watched like five times & will do so over & over. This is how he was taking off chasing the baby girl at church Sunday. I have been visualizing his adorable walk in my mind, now I can just watch on YouTube. Thank you for this post Matt & Jenna. Love you all!

  5. Yay Eli! He reminds me a lot of Jasper at that age, when they walk so early they almost look too little to be walking! Plus Jasper’s pants are forever falling down because he’s such a little thing..

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