Posted by: Matt and Jenna | August 2, 2009

MP Waterfront Park & The Midnight Rooster

This weekend we shot a wedding in Hartsville, SC and my parents came in town to watch E. I wish we had had more time to hangout and goof off, but our time was good!  I think Eli had a blast playing with his grandparents!

Friday evening we went to the new Mt. Pleasant Waterfront park – a really cool place that just opened in July and if you haven’t checked it out you need to!  I was able to grab several great shots of E with Pops and Ellie…

Mt. P WaterFront-1

Mt. P WaterFront-2

Mt. P WaterFront-3

Mt. P WaterFront-4

Mt. P WaterFront-5

Mt. P WaterFront-6

Mt. P WaterFront-7

. . .

And then last night, Jenna and I were in Hartsville for the wedding.  It was a fun wedding and we got some great shots.  While we were there we stumbled upon a cool little coffee shop called The Midnight Rooster.  We could have stayed there for hours!  It’s the kind of place that not only makes good coffee, but fosters good conversation and laughs too!  So if you’re ever in Hartsville, check it out!




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