Posted by: Matt and Jenna | July 31, 2009

Etiwan Park

Etiwan Park has been a favorite hangout spot of ours since we moved to Charleston over three years ago!  We have great memories there, including deep conversations early on in our marriage, yummy picnics, some intense frisbee tossing, random pick-up basketball games with strangers, lots of ball throwing for Kelsey, and now some precious, unforgettable moments with Eli.  Other than the fact that it always seems to be 10 degrees too warm and way too humid, we always have great family time there!

Here are some recent pics from a Saturday evening at Etiwan Park!  I promise Matt was there too, but he was behind the camera, of course.  I promise that we’ll be posting some pictures of our whole family soon!

. . .

Etiwan Park-3

Etiwan Park-4

Etiwan Park-5

Etiwan Park-6

Etiwan Park-7

Etiwan Park-8

Etiwan Park-10

Etiwan Park-11

Etiwan Park-12



  1. I love these pictures! Can’t wait for this week-end to get here.

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