Posted by: Matt and Jenna | June 8, 2009

Being a Dad, and our inherent super powers.

This morning I walked into Eli’s room and in the faint morning light I could make out two hands gripping the crib railing and a big ole grin looking right at me – Eli had pulled himself up and was peering out of the crib!  It was almost like he was proud of himself and was saying Look Dad! It was awesome and a moment I’ll never forget.  But, our immobile little boy is starting to figure out there’s much more to life than sitting in one spot.  In fact, there’s a whole world out there and he’s ready!

Later this morning I told Jenna what I had seen and we both agreed – it’s time to drop the crib.  (For you fellas out there…the height of a crib mattress is adjustable so you can have your child up closer when they’re younger, and farther down when they start to cause trouble.)  A few hours went by and I spoke to Jenna again; she said she tried to lower the mattress but it was too complicated for just one person.  Unless that person has special powers, that is…

You see, when a guy becomes a dad, he inherits the ‘Dad superpowers’.  Because there is nothing a dad can’t do!  Growing up, my Dad could always tighten the screw just a little tighter, get the lawn mower to crank after I had been fooling with it for 30 minutes and swore it was broken, and countless other things that always made me wonder…Did he takes classes on all this junk, or what? And over the past 3 years that Jenna and I have been married, there have been many “dad preparation” moments in which I have tackled some seemingly-impossible task – our ceiling fan, that’s 16 feet up, comes to mind.  But it’s true, there’s a certain edge that dads have that allows them to do anything.  And I’m proud to say, that I single-handedly tackled the task of lowering Eli’s mattress.  However, rearranging the crib-skirt appropriately is a different story…


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