Posted by: Matt and Jenna | May 11, 2009


Eli started some solid food a few weeks ago. I’ve taken on the new “hobby” of making baby food. (If anyone shares this interest, please let me know!) Eli will eat anything we offer him. And anything we DON’T offer him for that matter! ie-grocery lists, wipe containers, water bottles, diapers, blankets—you get the point. He’s like a little goat! He also won’t stop eating just because he’s full. He will eat until his food is coming back up because his stomach is literally too full to hold anymore. I’m going to ask the doctor about this at his 6 month appointment, because he told us last time that he would refuse solid food once he was full. Matt just keeps claiming that he’s a Daniel and that it’s normal behavior. Shrug.

So far the little man has enjoyed purees of the following organic foods: sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, green peas, squash, prunes, and avocado.  Oh, and he also had a bite of the creme from a chocolate covered creme filled Krispy Kreme donut yesterday.  What can I say??  The boy took me to Krispy Kreme, which I had been craving since I was pregnant, for Mother’s Day!  He deserved it!  

Step 1: Enjoy each and every bite.

Eli Food -80


Step 2: Lick the remaining food off of my bib.

Eli Food -94


Step 3: Yell for more.  They never seem to fall for this, but I always try.  
Hey, it’s worth a shot if it could possibly result in more food!

Eli Food -10



  1. I love it! How adorable my sweet grandson is. I don’t know how you could refuse more food to that pitiful face.

  2. HaHa! It reminds me of exactly how Dalton is! He loves food and fills up to the Max. I can hear him over the phone crying his eyes out because he wants more… the bottomless pit! You should talk with my sister – she fixes a lot of food for them because of Dalton’s allergies (she’s actually starting a food blog). 🙂

  3. Just wait until he can start eating pancakes…then the fun, and contests, will really begin!!

  4. Those are great pictures. My favorite is the last one. 🙂

  5. I loved making Millie’s baby food and used the book called “Blender Baby Food” I found at Barnes N Noble. Plus I bought a bunch of little cubes to store the pureed food in the freezer from I think its so great that he’s eating everything. Keep the variety on the menu so you don’t create a picky eater… if that’s even possible with Eli (probably not!). Best of luck! I can’t believe he’s already that big.

  6. I LOVE these pictures, they are adorable! Good times!

  7. Enjoyed the catch-ups. You get extra credit for the “fresh” babgy food. You go girl!. Great to hear that MDP is going gangbusters. and in case you haven’t noticed….HHMMMM..How could you not notice?…the little man is quite a handsome little gent. BTW Happy Birthday, too!

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