Posted by: Matt and Jenna | April 24, 2009

The change…

Have you ever paused and looked back over a period of time and realized how much has changed?  For me, and many others I’m sure, I am constantly looking ahead, pushing forward.  In some respects, this is good.  But in others, it causes me to miss “the moment”.  This thought is on my mind this morning because yesterday Eli turned 5 months.  5 MONTHS!  Time has flown by and he has changed so much!  It’s so easy to get excited about what he’ll do next that we miss what he’s doing now. Although I’m referencing Eli, this sentence can also be written this way:

It’s so easy to get excited about what He’ll do next that we miss what He’s doing now, and forget about what He’s done.

True, huh?  I love pausing, thinking about what’s going on, what lies ahead, and what my journey that has gotten me to this point in life has looked like.  I’m always amazed!

Last weekend at Seacoast Church there was a guest speaker, Steven Furtick, that spoke on “the process” – when what God has for your life doesn’t line up with what you see…the process of waiting for God’s vision for your life to come to fruition.  It was awesome!  Check it out:

Have a great weekend!  Simply enjoy it!




  1. happy 5 months Eli! (or five months and a couple weeks by now?)

    It is a huge challenge to stay in and enjoy the moment when everything is going by so fast, but it’s always worth it to do so. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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