Posted by: Matt and Jenna | February 17, 2009

An answer to prayer and a grizzly bear…

We had a blast this weekend in Alpharetta!  Eli was introduced to about 25 people in a matter of several hours!  He was such a little trooper and didn’t seem to mind being passed from person to person for 3 hours.  Thanks to Ellie, Pop, Haley, and Maggie for a great weekend!

An answer to prayer:
Eli absolutely LOVED riding in his carseat for the first two months of his life!  We were so thankful for this, as we’ve heard of babies who screamed every time they had to ride in the car.  Seems crazy, right?  Well, our little angel decided at about 8 weeks of age that he was going to be one of those babies.  Much to our dismay, he often cries on roadtrips these days.  He and I took a trip to Greenville 3 weeks ago, and he cried 90% of the ride both ways!  Not only does a hysterical cry ware on a mommy’s nerves, but I felt terrible that he was so miserable!  Needless to say, we were NOT looking forward to the drive to Atlanta!  We prayed in the days leading up to our trip and as were left on Thursday.  We also had family members praying.  Eli was having an incredibly cranky afternoon and started fussing as we were leaving our neighborhood.  We thought we were doomed!  But within a matter of minutes, he stopped crying and just looked at me.  I cuddled up to him and started singing (enough to make most people cry!), and his eyelids started closing.  Really?  Within 20 minutes of leaving our house, he was out!  We had to wake him up in Augusta to feed him, and he went right back to sleep when we got back in the car.  Amazing!  The ride home yesterday day was fairly peaceful.  He cried a couple of times, but we were actually able to settle him, which is usually impossible in the car once he begins the rage cry!  Thank you, Heavenly Father, for answering our prayers!  PTL…that’s all I have to say!

A grizzly bear:
Eli received a really cool gift from Whit and Patty Joyner, some friends of the Daniels.  It’s a stuffed grizzly bear that’s made to look like a rug.  Eli loved snuggling up to it!  Here are a couple of shots of him enjoying his new toy!





  1. That picture is adorable! Please save it and show it every girlfriend he ever brings home!!!

  2. Awesome pic! What a hoss!

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