Posted by: Matt and Jenna | February 8, 2009

E’s First Sitter

Well, it’s official.  Nicole Robinson is one of my favorite people.  She agreed to babysit for a while Thursday night so Matt and I could catch a few minutes by ourselves!  Eli has stayed with Ellie and Mia many times, but he’s never been alone with anyone outside of our immediate family. 

He was cranky that afternoon, so I was a little worried about how it would go.  I knew he would cry at least a little (which I was okay with), so I informed Nicole not to be alarmed.  I gave her a brief rundown of soothing techniques and a quick tour of his room, and we were off!  I am determined to be somewhat of a laidback mom.  I stayed with a 13 month old once who had only stayed with his grandmother, and I was left with three pages of typed notes and instructions (You know who you are)! 

Anyway, Eli cried a little as we expected, but it was nothing that Nicole and the Baby Bjorn couldn’t cure!  We were so thankful for a quiet dinner out and so proud of our sweet boy who is growing up way too fast!  Thanks again, Nicole! 




  1. WOW! My own blog post! I’m honored. 🙂 Eli is a sweet baby. It was a pleasure to watch him. ANYTIME you guys need to get away, I would totally love to babysit. It helps me scratch my ‘baby’ itch 🙂

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