Posted by: Matt and Jenna | January 27, 2009

MDP Update

2009, all 27 days of it, has been very exciting for MDP!  Therefore, I thought I’d share a few things…

Last week MDP officially became Matt Daniel Photography, LLC – cool, huh?!  The LLC status will help me establish myself as a “legitimate” business, protect me and my family in case things turned sour and someone wanted sue us, and it will help me begin to establish credit in MDP for future, larger, endeavors.

I am in the midst of purchasing new equipment and I am PUMPED!  I’ve had good tools in the past, but everything I am getting is phenomenal and I can’t wait!  There are a few things in particular that I’m especially excited for, because these items are more for Jenna than me.  I love how we’re in this together!

So far I have several shoots and weddings booked for the year.  It’s GREAT to have business, but more than that I’m excited for the folks I’m going to be working with.  I truly believe that God uses us most when we’re excited.  And while I sincerely hope that my clients are happy with their pictures, even more so I pray that they walk away from the experience encouraged.

This is a picture of my desk…looking at it now I’m not really sure what relevance it has in this post, but it’s where a lot of the magic happens.  And within the next couple of months it’s going to change quite a bit and see quite a bit of work!mdp-desk

Have a great night!  If you’d like more details or want to chat then please let me know!  And, as always, spread the MDP word!


matt daniel photography


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