Posted by: Matt and Jenna | December 21, 2008

From the bottom of our hearts – Thank You!

It’s necessary to give a few folks a shout out and a HUGE THANK YOU!  Because over the past 4 weeks – Yeah, 4 weeks!  Hard to believe isn’t it? – there have been several people who have been extraordinarily kind in many ways and have truly helped us out.  I have been blown away by their generosity and willingness to help, as well as their simple, genuine interest in how we are doing.  I have always loved Hebrews 10:24, because it tells us to spur one another on.  While many of these folks might not have had this as their motivation, it has been a great reminder to me.  So, without further a due…

Thank you for the MARVELOUS dinners Chanel, Ann Marie, Josh, Joe, Nicole, Mary Jane, and Julie.  I’ve always been a fast eater, but having Eli has taken that to a new level!  Trying to fix dinner and then cram it down in the some-what non-existent window we sometimes have, well…not having to worry about dinner for the past few weeks has been a huge blessing!  THANK YOU!

Thanks Moms (both of ya!) for staying with us and helping us through the early weeks!  I know it was torture for you to have to snuggle with Eli, but we truly appreciate it.  We are so FORTUNATE to have you two…and that goes for the rest of our family as well!  It’s hard to imagine doing this without all of you as a support group.

We are all surrounded by those who love us.  Though we may not always see them, they are always there.



  1. Your welcome! You guys have so many friends to help out because you are both so kind yourselves…and we are all so happy we could help with dinner! It is the least we could do.

    Eli is so cute and you guys are going to be great parents! Oh and Kelsey is going to be a great big sister. Tell her to keep crusty away from Eli though! Ha ha. Merry Christmas!

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