Posted by: Matt and Jenna | November 21, 2008

Any day…?

Peanut’s due date is tomorrow!  However, over the past week we’ve had a ton of “signs” that have alluded to him coming early.  Which, at this point, if he is coming early he better hurry up!!  But despite our anxiety things are going great!  Jenna feels well and everything’s setup; we’re just waiting to meet him!  So any day…?

Rest assured, when we finally do make it to the hospital I’ll spread the word.  (If you want to make sure you’re on the “e-mail list” send me a note and I’ll make sure you’re on it or add you!)  I’ll also post the news, as well as pictures, as soon as I can!

We’ll keep you posted!


So many folks think pregnancy is restricting.  I think it’s quite the opposite…rather liberating!


JD’s Mom is in town, ready for the action…

Momma and Momma To Be



  1. So exciting– thinking of you guys!!

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