Posted by: Matt and Jenna | October 20, 2008

More pictures!


From an photography point of view, this was a busy weekend.  But that’s exciting because we love it and have high hopes for MDP.  Plus, I think the shoots from this past weekend yielded some of my best shots yet!  But without going into anymore, check out my MDP post HERE!



  1. Matt,
    These new belly shots are incredible!!! The colors & ideas for shots are really amazing. I love your new site. I left a comment on there also. Your subject is rather cute also!
    Love the 3 of you,

  2. Matt,
    You are an absolute amazing photographer…I found your blog through Kelly, and you’ve got me looking back all the time for new pics! Not to mention your wife is probably the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen…I’d love to meet you someday, Jenna! I wish you both the absolute best in everything…good luck, and keep taking amazing pictures!
    ~Emily Miller (Staveley)

  3. Found your blog through “Blerin.” I am obsessed…. and hope to be contacting you soon! Best wishes with your new one!

  4. Matt, the pics of the Crawford family are absolutely gorgeous!!!

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