Posted by: Matt and Jenna | September 22, 2008

So much to do!

Hmm…where should I begin?

First of all, the upholstered glider that my parents gave us as a baby gift is FINALLY in, after 12 weeks of waiting!  It’s still in Greenville but should be headed this way, along with Peanut’s dresser, in the next few days.  Once those things are in place and we get some art work on the walls made by aunt/cousin Ali and Elaine/Maggie, a rug, a light fixture,  a shelving unit made by Grandpa Daniel (no name yet, huh?), window panels made by Lisa Hill, and blue paint on the ceiling (what?), things in the nursery should be winding down.  Whew!  There’s still so much to do, but at least it’s all in the works.  Below is a picture of what it looks like right now.  Haley, Blerin, Zach–any artsy/crafty contributions you would like to make are welcome!  We want Peanut to be surrounded by projects filled with love!

So, theoretically the nursery will be semi-complete in a week.  Riiiight…  But let’s just pretend it happens.  What next?  Well, the kid still doesn’t have a name!  Everyone keeps asking if we are keeping his name a secret.  Believe me, if we knew, we’d tell!  The whole secret name game thing is actually a pet peeve of mine!  Of course we have some names in mind (Wouldrough Geofferson Daniel, idea compliments of Blake and Erin), but we feel like we have to see him first.  I mean, with Matt and I having COMPLETELY different coloring, face shape, ethnical backgrounds (haha), etc, we can’t even imagine what this little squirt might look like.  Reddish/auburn hair like Grandmom and Blake?  White hair like Uncle Zach?  Gorgeous silky dark hair like Matt and the Daniel girls?  Curly blondish hair like me (who was born with lots of black hair and slanty eyes!)?  Olive skin or fair skin?  Blue or dark walnut brown eyes?  Freckles?  Of course he’ll have finger toes, since that’s the one trait that Matt and I share.  And I digress…  My point is that we have a lot of thinking and pondering to do about our son’s name.  We’ll probably decide on several options and actually name him when we see him.  If we wake up one morning between now and when he’s born and know exactly what to name him, we’ll let you know!

Finally, we have two showers the first weekend in October, which we’re pumped about!  So, after a trip to Greenville to hang out with great friends and amazing family, I imagine we’ll return to Charleston to stock the nursery (and every other nook of our house) with baby goods.  You know– diapers, pacifiers, blankies, butt cream, burp clothes, carriers, and other fun stuff that was foreign to us just a few short months ago.  So we’ll be crazy busy during October sorting through goodies and figuring out what we still need in order to prepare for Peanut’s arrival.

Before we know it the next 8 weeks will slip by and we’ll be sitting here wondering how the last 40 weeks flew by so quickly!  We’re so excited about our baby boy’s arrival, but in the midst of all the chaos and all of the “to do’s”, we’re trying to soak in every moment of our last few weeks of it being “just us.”  I know we can’t fully comprehend the extent of how our life is going to change, but we are aware that life as we know it will be forever richer and more challenging!  We’re looking forward to the ride!



  1. This is an awesome update!

    Good luck with the nursery… Geoff is going to love his new room! 🙂

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