Posted by: Matt and Jenna | September 11, 2008

Metto Coffee & Tea

For the past several weeks Jenna has been working at Metto Coffee; a fun, quaint coffee house in Mount Pleasant that serves a mean cup of coffee!  It’s funny to think that when we first started dating Jenna didn’t even drink coffee.  But now, she’s developed quite a sophisticated palette and has become quite the coffee connoisseur!  She tells me about all the folks she meets and the “regulars” that she has come to know quite well.  Makes me wish I could quit BB and join the fun!  So if you find yourself in Mt. P needing a good cup of Joe, swing on by!


Above is a picture of the bag of Sumatra JD surprised me with the other day – good stuff!



  1. I loved getting to visit this coffee house. They also serve a great lunch. I wouldn’t mind working there myself.

  2. MMMM Sumatra! That is our house coffee too!! We can’t wait to try this place when we visit from California! Once you have kids, you really need coffee around the house.

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