Posted by: Matt and Jenna | August 21, 2008

Final DI Twilight Run

Tonight was the last DI Twilight 5K race.  Of the four races, I competed in three and had a blast.  Two of the races, including the one tonight, were in the rain and the other one was in the scorching heat.  And you know what, I prefer the rain!  Tonight was a fun night, and despite the fact that it rained the whole time, I still managed to cross the finish line in about 19 minutes.  And since tonight was the last night, we all met at the Pierce Park Pavilion for pizza and beverages after wards.  It has been a while since we’d had Papa John’s and it was amazing!  Gill, it reminded me of the old days.  Anyway, it was a fun series that I’ll look forward to participating in again next year!



  1. So proud of you! Sounds like fun especially the pizza party. It is nice to see green grass. Be thankful for the rain, we haven’t had any in a while.

    We love & miss you both.

    Mom & Dad Dobbins

  2. Oooo, dat boy is SO hot, mm hmm.

    I would KILL to do a 3k in Chucktown right now. Exercise options here are limited to push-ups in the kitchen and a daredevil jog though the slums. D’oh! Thankfully, we don’t have a car, so I get my fill of walking!

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