Posted by: Matt and Jenna | July 22, 2008


I’ve always prided myself as having a little knowledge in the realm of babies, or at least more than most guys, because of my younger sisters.  But honestly, the fact that I am months away from having my own baby has really thrown things into perspective…and I don’t know squat!  But it’s funny, because these days you’ll find my stack of books missing the normal mountain adventures and see books on parenting and children instead.  And, I am fortunate to have an amazing wife who not only knows everything about babies, but had the brilliant idea to sign up for a class.  So tonight, with Jenna still out of town, I grabbed our books and headed to group!

The class is a six week course on BabyWise – having a structured, scheduled approach to parenting yet not disregarding or ignoring your child’s need.  And so far so good!  Tonight was our second night, but before I divulge a few details of the class, I need to mention the leaders…The Youngs.

The Youngs are a couple who attend Seacoast, who the class is facilitated through, and have implemented the BabyWise principles as well as now teach them.  And, they have 5 kids!  Yeah, FIVE!  So you can see our immediate attraction to the couple.  JD and I have always said we want a large family – Jenna says 5 or 6, and I say 4, then we’ll reevaluate :).  But the Youngs have 5 kids and love every minute of it; you can see it in their faces!  And when they talk about their children, interact with them, or even speak of their “early years”, they have nothing but joy!  After the many negative reactions we’ve had from people inquiring about our family expansion plans, speaking with the Youngs has been a breath of fresh air.  And, I noticed this tonight: they have a triangle – not the shape but the instrument that you make noise with – hanging above their kitchen table; which I can only assume is used for rounding up the troops…awesome! That’s something I would totally do, but would never last long in our house…me and Peanut would have too much fun with it!  Anyway, that’s enough, but we’re both excited for the class and for the relationships built.  Check out the Youngs HERE!

So the class…I don’t think I’ll dive into it too much here, but it’s provoked many good thoughts and conversations, I’m just ready to implement everything!  Through the class, we will learn about scheduling Peanut so he has some rhythm to his day and will know when his naps are and when it’s time to eat.  And through this, we should be able to get on a routine that will allow him to sleep through the night by 8 weeks…pretty awesome.  I could keep going, but will pause for now.  However, if you do have a question, then let me know!

Today’s the 22nd…Peanut’s due date is 4 months from today!!


PS – Jenna comes home tomorrow…can’t wait!



  1. I just read the Young Family’s blog & I am in love with this family. What a blessing to know that my children are taking part in this BabyWise class with such incredible mentors. This is a precious family & I can’t wait for my 5 grandchildren starting with our precious grandson in November.

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