Posted by: Matt and Jenna | June 22, 2008

“It’s good. It’s gooood!” -Bruce Almighty


Matt and I have been celebrating our two year anniversary all week! Although it’s only been two years, we feel like we’ve come such a long way and are still growing to love each other more deeply every day. It’s easy if you have the most incredible man in the world for a husband! Our celebration began with Matt’s famous banana pancakes on Tuesday morning (our actual anniversary) and is coming to an end after an amazing night at the Carriage House of the Edmunston-Alston House at 21 East Battery. Even though we were “in town,” it was an incredible break from the norm and a much-needed breath of fresh air. I’m not sure if it was the crazy downpour that flooded the streets, the breathtaking view from our second story balcony, or the engaging conversation that made our time so amazing, but we love living our adventure together! Here are several memories from the weekend!

I feel like we’ve accomplished so much more as a married couple than we would have independently over the past two years; I so look forward to celebrating 50 years of life as partners in crime and reflecting on our accomplishments at that point in our journey. I challenge all of you, whether you’ve been married for 2 months or 52 years, to take time away from the norm, whatever that may be, to enjoy each other!

~ Jenna



  1. Matt, Jenna, and Peanut:
    Happy Anniversary!
    I send you blessings of health and happiness…I look forward to your postings around July 2. Let me know your color choices because I am ready to start making Peanut “welcome to life” gifts.
    Thank you for keeping me informed with the absolutely awesome photos!
    I love you ~2.6 family,

  2. Matt & Jenna,
    Looks like an incredible place to spend an anniversary. I love all the pictures! My favorite is seeing my daughter looking down as she cradles our sweet precious grandbaby. That one brought tears of joy. I love you all.

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