Posted by: Matt and Jenna | June 15, 2008

Rainy Day

It’s a rainy afternoon – thunder and all – and it’s perfect.  Although the thunder is prohibiting Kelsey from relaxing, and her nestling me is making it difficult to type.  But we’ll survive… 🙂

Last night William, whom Jenna nannies, was Dedicated at Seacoast.  It was a fun night and made me excited for when I get to hold my son/daughter and show him/her off to the world!  It’s crazy to think about the influence Jenna and I are going to have, and truly how we are going to shape our child’s life.  It makes me stop and prioritize what’s truly important and realize the petty nonsense I often let consume my thoughts isn’t really worth it.  But, as with most things, easier said than done, huh?

Also, last night, they asked me to take pictures of the evening, and they turned out great!  I have a blast taking pictures and wish I could do it more often and somehow make a living, or partial living, from it.  We’ll see…Anyway, here are a couple pictures from the night!

Have a great evening!



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